Rise Happy

Case Study

Shining A Light Of Positivity In The World

Rise Happy is a self-improvement brand that I helped strategize, design, and build for a client of mine.

He approached me with an idea to build a business in the personal development niche.

He had a rough idea of what he wanted but needed help turning that idea into a brand and a monetizable business.

It was a brand new business with no list and no existing audience. But with the right strategy, I was confident that I could help him.

The Challenge

Building a business from scratch is one of the easiest and also the hardest things to do.

The client had 2 objectives for this project:

Speed and scalability.

He wanted to be able to monetize the business in just one month from ideation and conception.

That meant that we had to build a community and list quickly and give as much value, coupled with a good offer.


The first step was to identity who the target market is. We narrowed it down to 3 ideal customer profiles and then worked on creating a lead magnet to capture the leads of these people.

The goal was to build an email list of people who liked the brand and wanted to engage more.

We reskinned an old ebook of happiness tips and offered it for free in exchange for the customer’s email addresses.

Once they opted in to download the book, every day we would send them one “happiness tip”.

The idea was to build a giving relationship and instill trust. There was nothing to sell for the first two weeks.

Just pure content and giving value in the form of motivation and positivity.

Offer Creation

Instead of spending time to write a whole new book to offer to the target market. We wanted speed.

So, we decided to reskin a product that has been used before.

We compiled tips and quotes about happiness from multiple sources like my client’s other Instagram page and did some research on other sources. Then we created a PDF and designed a cover.

This took less than a day to do and we could immediately start running traffic to it.

First Funnel

The first traffic strategy was to joint venture with other self-help communities.

We gave the book for free to other communities just as a free gift. And the results were great.

In just a span of 1 week, we generated 150+ leads with a $300 ad spend. That’s about $2 a lead.

Which was still relatively expensive, given that there was no immediate return on ad spend in the funnel yet.

We wanted to drive the cost of the leads down even further.

Second Funnel

So we looked into Facebook ads to drive traffic to a cold audience.

This proved even better, and it’s a campaign that the client is still running right now.

Just this week alone, they have generated 106 leads with a $1.13 cost per lead. On a $20 a day budget.

The results have been pretty consistent throughout the entire Facebook marketing campaign.

With the cost per lead at $1.16. And they have generated 1,011 leads in just 3 months.


In just 3 months, we grew the list size to 1,300 + engaged audience in our list.

By giving value first, the client managed to connect with his list and has a high engagement (open rate, response rate, and click-through rate).

He is crafting his core offer at the moment, and is testing several offers right now.

The client will be launching his core product very soon and he already has a hot list of ready-buyers to launch his business.

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