Case Study

Cutting Edge Beauty Technology To Empower Women

RG is a beauty-tech ecommerce store that is on the forefront of the latest beauty trends.

Their goal is to bring Eastern beauty technology to the Western market.

Prior to our partnership, they have been doing 7-figures a year in revenue from cold traffic and Facebook advertising.

Pretty decent numbers by any stretch for a new business in one of the most saturated industries in the world.

The Challenge

After speaking to the founder of RG, I found that there were many marketing channels that were untapped.

They were leaving money on the table without knowing it!

The reason is because the company is run by a small team, and they don’t have the manpower or resources to optimize their systems.

Despite having a strong organic social media following of more than 35,000 followers and a community list size of more than 100,000, they were not monetizing those channels to increase the customer lifetime value.

Seeing all that, I proposed to them an idea that would increase their profits without having to spend a single cent on advertising.


As the holiday season was approaching at the time, I decided the best and fastest way to get results was through email marketing.

We would create an automation that would segment the list according to their “warmness”, and slowly re-engage them.

By then, most marketers would chuck it aside as a dead list since they weren’t sending any marketing emails for about 6-8 months.

So, I planned out a strategy and wrote an email sequence to send to the list.

Email Marketing Sequence

First we looked at one of the best-selling products on their store.

I did some additional research to find more hidden benefits that they were not talking about before.

I gathered reviews , frequently asked questions, and feedback from forums and groups about the product.

From then, I crafted a new winning hook and angle for the product.

Then I wrote a 7-part email sequence to re-introduce the product to the list again.

This sequence would be sent over the 4 days of the holiday.

Each email was carefully designed to persuade the list why they need to get the product (again, if they had already bought it).


The results at the end of the 4 days were astounding. We generated $9558.73 in that weekend alone.

Residual sales continued to trickle in even after the 4 days.

This was from zero additional advertising cost. The emails alone was a 40X return on investment of their total marketing cost, and sales 10X for that weekend.

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