Case Study

From Personal Trainer to a Business

BodyEngineers was started by Jazsley, a personal trainer whose goal is to build a fitness empire (his words, not ours).

He had worked for a couple of big commercial gyms and felt that the “sales first, customers last” culture was toxic to the industry.

So he left and went independent, with a few of his loyal clients following him.

His mission was to shake up the industry and become a market leader in personal training services.

He had the drive and the experience. But he didn’t know how to beat the big gyms at their game.

And so when I approached him to help him with his marketing, he obliged.

The Challenge

Almost all of his clients were from referrals or from his previous stint at the commercial gyms.

He had no online presence and his website was a basic static page that was not properly designed.

Being newly independent, he also didn’t have a huge budget to play with.

So, we needed a low-cost way to generate leads fast. And also something that we could execute fast and get results in just 2 weeks.


First, we surveyed his past and existing clients. We then used the data to create an Ideal Customer Profile that would help us craft our message.

The key profiles were:

  1. Complete newbies who had zero experience in the gym
  2. People who had tried other alternatives to weight loss and failed multiple times
  3. Professional athletes and bodybuilders who were training for a specific goal or event

Using that info we began to map out the funnel.

First Funnel

Because we were short on time and needed to get results fast, we couldn’t rely on the standard landing page to sales page to consultation model.

Instead, we scripted and shot a short video announcing his free consultation. We edited it and ran Facebook ads of the video to a lead form.

The video generated 36 leads in 2 weeks, and would go on to generate a total of 152 leads in the 2 months that it ran.

No landing page or sales pages required.

But this funnel was just a stopgap measure while we focused on building lasting brand assets for BodyEngineers.

Brand Strategy

We took charge of the website development while the campaign was running.

The website was built on WordPress for easy content management as Jazsley was already familiar with the platform.

We looked at our 3 major competitors and decided a brand that would stand out from them.

While most fitness-based businesses would center their branding around”tough” colors like red and black…

We stood out by using a blue-based color palette. We chose this for 3 reasons:

  1. This will be a direct contrast to other personal training brands and thus we can differentiate ourselves.
  2. Blue is the color of trust and professionalism, which is the impact that we want to show to our clients.
  3. Blue is also the color of “science” and “technology”, which is what BodyEngineers is built upon–science-based training.

We used a simple wordmark for our logo type for clarity. Using the blue palette to split the words.

The font was a heavy san-serif font to add gravitas and weighted-ness to the brand.

We shot photos of clients-in-training to use for branding purposes.

And from there started building the website.

Second Funnel

Once the website was launched, we could change the offer to something more valuable.

We settled on a free online workout plan where users could sign up and access on our website.

We strategized the launch using our PDP process and when we finally launched the program…

It was more successful than before, generating 130 sign-ups in 2 weeks from a cold market.

Once we had settled in supply of leads, we kept the campaigns going.

Offer Creation

Another challenge was the low average order value that each new client brought to the business.

Traditionally the model was clients would pay a per month basis, indefinitely until they decide to stop.

Big gyms counteract this by selling huge packages, often so huge that most clients don’t finish. And they don’t offer refunds.

To do things differently, we instead changed our model to a 10-session basic package.

New clients who come in will have to go through 10 sessions where they will learn the basics of strength training and nutrition.

After that, they have the option to either stay, or switch to a cheaper online personal training program where the trainers will just monitor, plan, and make sure the client stays on track.

This allows the trainers to then free up time to get more clients.

This also increased the average order value up front by 2 times and increased the company’s cash flow.

Social Media & Content Strategy

With the Facebook ad campaigns running and generating leads, it was time to look towards more long term strategies.

We scripted and shot a few educational videos and ran traffic to them.

However the challenge was the time required to script, memorize, shoot, edit, and market the videos.

Jazsley was taking his own clients as well so time was limited.

We decided to try a different strategy.

We focused on a single platform for social media marketing, Instagram.

And went all in. We came up with a content strategy for that and grew the followers by 150% to 200% in a few months.

The Facebook page also grow from 300 to 1,000+ followers organically just through our Facebook ad campaigns and boosted posts.


From the execution of all the strategies, BodyEngineers has now grown from $22,000+ in 2018 to hitting $126,000+ of sales in a 2019.

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